MatchDay Mobile App Design

MatchDay Mobile App Design


Project Overview:
Matchday is a personal project born from my passion as a sports fan. This app is designed to enhance the sports viewing experience by providing real-time updates, game schedules, and interactive features. I am responsible for its overall design and development.

Key Contributions:

  • Concept Development: Ideated and defined the core functionality of the app, focusing on user needs and potential impact.
  • User Experience Design: Engineered a user flow that allows fans to easily track their favorite teams and games without overwhelming them with information.
  • User Interface Design: Creating a visually engaging interface that not only draws users in but also makes navigation logical and straightforward.

Current Status:
Currently in the design and logic development stage, Matchday is poised to change how fans interact with their favorite sports. Engaging in ongoing user feedback sessions to refine features and ensure the final product truly resonates with sports enthusiasts.