Instagrub Mobile App Design

Instagrub Mobile App Design


Project Overview:
Instagrub is a food delivery app designed to provide a seamless ordering experience directly from your smartphone. My role involved the complete UX and UI design, focusing on creating a user-friendly mobile interface that simplifies the process of ordering food.

Key Contributions:

  • User Experience Design: Developed intuitive navigation flows to reduce the number of steps from menu browsing to order checkout. Conducted user testing to refine these workflows, ensuring they are optimized for speed and convenience.
  • User Interface Design: Crafted a clean and attractive design aesthetic that appeals to a broad user base. Utilized high-contrast colors and large, readable fonts to enhance readability and accessibility on mobile devices.
  • Interaction Design: Implemented engaging micro-interactions for order updates and notifications that keep users informed in a delightful way.

The designs were instrumental in enhancing user satisfaction and retention, significantly reducing cart abandonment rates by 20% and increasing daily active users by 35%.